Teachers and parents of St Mary’s School in Andheri west of Mumbai had a special chance to attend the Media Parenting programme namely Handle With Care organised by CONNECT on 20th August.

The teachers were lead through various sessions shedding light to the special ways children behave in a media saturated society. The teachers and parents were shown various aspects of new generation children think and behave.

St Mary's Mumbai2

The day long seminar had various ingredients such as input sessions, work exercises, puzzles, games, songs and dance.

The special highlight of the programme was the session on Multiple Intelligence Theory applied to the practical aspects of teaching and parenting.

During the sessions the teachers interacted with the resource persons as well as other students. Jose Vallikatt, the director of CONNECT facilitated the sessions.

Comments from the Teachers

Today I learned about Multiple Intelligence, where as a teacher of a parent, we can identify the level of intelligence in our students. This will help us to employ appropriate methods suitable to each students in teaching.

Nisha Varghese

Your Handle with Care was really a very important learning session, where we understood very many facts of life and the way of looking into different things in different perspectives. This gave us a new vision. The explanation and examples were so outstanding.

Snigdha Mukherjee

Handle with Care was an enlightening programme. We really enjoyed it. This programme will definitely change my perspective about life in looking at others and respect their views.

Sunita Joshi

Thank you so much for motivating me on a day when I needed the most. Your points and suggestions of how to handle children especially teenagers will help me a lot. Today I had to attend my daughter’s open house who is currently in Std. IX. Your words will help me deal with he situations. The presentation was really good

Suparna Bagchi

The seminar was very helpful. It made me realise that I am setting too high standard for my child. I should be more reasonable.

G. Gangte (Parent)