Over sixty five teachers of Santhome School in Mira Road west of Mumbai attended the programme namely Handle With Care organised by CONNECT on 20th August.

The teachers were lead through various sessions shedding light to the special ways children behave in a media saturated society. The teachers and parents were shown various aspects of new generation children think and behave.

The seminar had various ingredients such as input sessions, work exercises, puzzles, games, songs and dance.

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The special highlight of the programme was the session on Multiple Intelligence Theory applied to the practical aspects of teaching and parenting.

During the sessions the teachers interacted with the resource persons as well as other students. Jose Vallikatt, the director of CONNECT facilitated the sessions.

Comments from the Teachers

Handle with Care was a very good workshop. Concepts of multiple intelligence was taught in a very interesting and practical way. Your activities and examples were too good.


Attending Handle With Care gave me a good time as I learned things relevant to real life.  I liked the programme very much as it was very lively.


Very effective.

Anita Nair

Very precise and straightforward talk. You are a very intelligent person who believe in doing rather than speaking.

Sunita Joshi

The session was so informative and thought provoking. Understanding personalities through multiple intelligence will be very useful for teachers. More practical based and case studies would have given clear picture about various intelligences.

Shanthi Sreekandth

The seminar which we had made a big change in my perspectives about the way I should see the world. It was really bringing out and challenging our hidden talents through multiple intelligence. Rather than taking short-cuts, I will try to find out new and various ways of solving my problems