Teaching is not only about passing information. It is much more than that. Communication is an important aspect of effective teaching and learning.

Teachers in St. Joseph’s School in Barnala had the opportunity to participate in Connect’s Motivational programme for teachers in their school.

30 teachers attended the programme and benefited greatly. The programme included input sessions, meditative and reflective sessions, various activities, games and presentations.

The programme chiefly thrived on discerning the vocation of a teacher. Through various informative sessions and activities the teachers explored their inner self and rediscovered passion for teaching.

Dr Jose Vallikatt animated the sessions. Mr Joji Choorakal, the principal of the school organised everything for the programme.

What the Teachers Talk

We really enjoyed the session. You gave us good information regarding self awareness and communication in teaching. The jokes and games really were interesting.

Jaspreet Kaur

Today’s seminar was informative, good and amazing. We got chance to learn new things

Gurpreet Kaur

Training was very good and it was very informative. This seminar helps us improve our teaching practices. It helps us to change our thinking especially negative thinking. Overall I liked the seminar very much and it was enjoyable.

Nidhi Singla

The Seminar was very usefull. It was interactive, and contained wonderful games”

Gurinder Kaur