The students of St Mary’s School, Kasauli in Himachal Pradesh have had a brilliant experience of a media literacy seminary organised by CONNECT on 8th April.

The students learned about various ways of critically approaching media including print and broadcast media, as well as new media.

Kasauli 1

A student making a presentation.

The day long seminar had various ingredients such as input sessions, discussions, work exercises, puzzles, games, songs and dance.

The students had ample opportunity to interact with the resource persons as well as other students. Jose Vallikatt, the director of CONNECT facilitated the sessions. Students were so enthused to attend the sessions and gain literacy lesions, but also were happy to have as much fun through the sessions.

Kasauli 2

Students in discussion on facts and opinion in news media.

Analysing the news about ‘Water shortage in Satyam Public school’ the students learned how media can manipulate facts into exaggerated fiction as well as opinionated narratives. Some students reported that the “sessions were highly informative” and “they would not have got these information anywhere else”.

The students thanked the school authorities especially Sr Jessina SD the principal for organising the seminar.

Kasauli 3Comments of The Students

“You have made us learn about media literacy which we were not knowing about. We will always remember these lesions for our life.” Alex, Std IX.

“You have taught us the real meaning of media literacy. Your words have inspired me to use the social sites carefully.” Anshika, Std. IX.

“I was looking forward to gaining more knowledge. I really enjoyed this program with all my heart. It was quite amazing to explore the things we did not know at all. To be honest, I feel safer now.” Purvai Mittal, Std IX.

“First of all I would like to thank you. I really learned many things about media literacy. The best part was the last sessions in which you taught us about cyber bullying.” Bhanvi Aggarwal, Std. X.

“I liked the programme a lot. Media literacy is a must for everyone. The programme was amazing. You taught us many amazing things through fun and games.” Vatika, Std. IX.