Teachers of Gobind International School, Bhadaur in Punjab underwent a motivational seminar program guided by the Connect team on 14th of April.

The day-long programme had three sessions on being a teacher of a different kind.

The first session helped the teachers to find the call within the call. Though all of them were teachers one needs to find out the reason for continuing to be a teacher. Through this first session the resource person Jose Vallikatt helped them how to be silent in a very noisy world, and then listening to the nature. Later they were facilitated with a nature exercise where each teacher would identify a natural item which represent them.

Bhadod Teachers3

All the teachers collected a very unique item which ranged from living creatures like an ant to a rechargeable battery. Few people brought water and rain in the class. For many it was a real experience of sensory education.

In the second session the teachers listened to a lecture in which Jose Vallikatt elaborated on the socio-cultural context of present day India and what is the relevance of educators in such a situation. The teachers realised that the 21st century teachers do need different sets of skills and knowledge.

Bhadod Teachers4

The fascinating item of the third session was a very practical game in which all the teachers were asked to be creative and competent. The game also helped the teachers renew their perceptions on social co-existence as well need for collaborating with others.

Bhadod Teachers5

The teachers appreciated the programme.