The teachers of the Christ the King School in Pathankote took part in a seminar titled ‘Give Us Our Rights‘. The sessions were lead by Jose Vallikatt.

The sessions were on child rights and protection within a school context. Teachers are handling with children and there are various legal aspects involved when dealing with children.

Teachers Sujanpur

Children do have rights and government has ensured it by passing various bills. Jose Vallikatt explained in detail the highlights of two important bills by the government: Juvenile Justice Act (2006, 2015), as well as Protection of Children from Sexual Offenses (2012).

The teachers reported that the seminar was very beneficial to them as it made know to them various things that they did not know earlier.

 Comments of the Teachers

“Very informative and eye opener as we did know very little of these laws. Problem solving comes from the knowledge of gravity of the problem. This helps the victim a lot.” Preeti Thapar Chaudhary

“You have rendered valuable insights related to children’s rights. I could learn about laws involved in sexual assault. Insights in neglecting the child was important too. I learned about associations between teacher and students and crimes associated with that. Thanks.” Neha Sharma, Sujanpur.

“Today’s seminar was so much enlightening, that I became aware of my teaching career in relation to children wherever they are: family, school or public place. Your way of presentation was interesting. I give you 9 out of 10 for you.” Francis Paul

“It was wonderful to have a seminar with a current topic. It was beneficial for us. We need to know more about cyber crime as well. Children should be given knowledge on using smart phones and also on the rights of Children.” Teacher YY